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Dusty’s Ragtime Band and Novelties

Sunday, September 15
Show | 9pm // Doors | 8pm
On Sept 10th 1881, a young man was born in the Hills of Appalachia in Eastern Tennessee. His Christian Name was Dustin McBottoms. His father distilled Moonshine and his mother was a Washer Woman. He was the eldest of approximately 8 or 9 children.When he was big enough, he would walk 5 miles to the honky tonk to hear the local pianist, a man known to history only as ‘Gandy’. Young Dusty would trade the elder musician Spirits for Lessons. Gandy taught him everything he knew: 5 Songs, 3 Scales, and how to stave a hangover.In 1888 Dusty matriculated to the University, but it did not work out. The Classical Music faculty tried to bend the young scholar to their ways and change his sound to their aesthetics, so he left. He promptly found employment performing on the streets of the cities of America, and of the world. It was in this capacity that he earned his PHD. However, after a few years, he found his time more gainfully spent selling healing tonics and elixirs, using of course, distilling skills and techniques learned from his father.
While selling his wares at the 1904 St Louis World’s Fair, he became suddenly reunited with his long lost Sister Corey Cheval who had run away with the Circus when she was only 6. The two decided to collaborate and subsequently created the infamous Dusty’s Ragtime and Novelties Show, which has been running and touring non-stop until the present time.

This event is All Ages.